BtS Europa AG history started with...

...  a divers' need for … scuba cylinders.

 At the beginning of technical diving when the greater depths started to be explored, where longer cave penetration dives were done, the tanks available then were not enough. The need for more gas volume required twinsets from 18 liters or even 20 liter tanks. Thomas Dederichs, an experienced Technical Diver and Instructor at that time, decided that if no one can offer such tanks to him, he will get them himself.

That was the start of distribution activities of the mother company (today BtS Holding). After a while all distribution activities where combined under the name of BtS (Beyond the Shore) Europa AG in 2005.

Since that time BtS has grown into a key player in steel and aluminum dive cylinders market and became one of the biggest European distributors of premium DIR (Doing it Right) diving equipment with a well-developed dealer network.

Our products are used not only be recreational and technical divers but as well by exploration &scientific research divers, public safety divers and military Special Operation Units all over the world. Their feed-back helps us to develop even better and safer equipment for any sport diver.

Our success is based on believe that only active divers challenging themselves to go over common boundaries can develop truly efficient, modular, functional and reliable equipment. Starting with design that comes from in-house development for BtS, DUI and OMS products, continuing with material choice and production process (in Germany, Italy and USA) we strive for excellence that will satisfy most demanding divers in their diving ventures. 

BtS Europa AG is organized into several departments.
The main office building is occupied by the Management, Administration and Sales Team.
Here the Sales Team is busy with answering phones and e-mails, taking in orders, processing them and taking care about invoicing. As well here warranty cases are taken care of in cooperation with Service & Repair GmbH that is just around the corner.
Also here strategies, various projects and ideas are being created. Meetings, discussions and decisions are done to keep BtS developing further and supporting the demanding divers with equipment that they need to forgo their dives. As if you dive need equipment that stays by your side.
Our Warehouse is busy with handling, packaging and shipping of orders.
The diving equipment from top manufacturers like DUI, NoGravity, OMS, Eurocylinders Systems AG & others is shipped in and later out to the dive shops all over Europe - from Island to Canaries, from Norway to Greece, from Ukraine to United Kingdom.
Here also all single tanks and doubles are assembled, proved & certified - from the smallest 0,35 liter to the biggest 20 liter tanks! You name it, we have it!
The Service & Reparatur GmbH provides full warranty support and multitude of BtS, DUI and OMS services and support - from ZipSeals upgrades, installations of dry suit pockets, heating connectors, p-valves or primary light & burn testing. Our workshop is equipped with specialized tools and test equipment allowing the Team to comply with their certified training.
BtS Europe is CE certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 norm providing the highest quality of service.